Chikhirtma 10

 Blend of chicken broth, vinegar, egg, onion and cilantro

                  Yogurt(served hot or cold) 10

Yogurt,rice,onions, eggs and dill

                  Kharcho 10

Beef and rice soup with onions, bell peppers, tomato sauce and Georgian spices

                  Vegetable   (Vegan)  10

 Carrots, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and bell peppers 

                  Mushroom  10

Creamy mushroom soup, white wine, onion and gouda cheese.


Red Compass Specials 

               Qartuli Salad (Vegan) 11

Traditional Georgian salad of cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, oil, vinegar and Georgian spices.

               Kakheti Salad W/ Walnuts (Vegan) 12

Tomato, cucumber, Garlic and onion with a ground walnut vinaigrette dressing.

               Green Energy Salad (Vegan) 13

Lettuce, avocado, olives and cucumber in a lightly spiced Georgian green Adjika dressing

              Georgian Mushroom Salad (vegan) 13

Mushroom, cilantro and mint mixed with Georgian spices .

               Lobio w/ walnuts (Vegan) 14

 Red beans cooked with walnut sauce ,garlic,onion and Georgian spices.

            Adjapsandali (Vegan) 13

 Grilled eggplant, bell peppers and garlic mixed with Georgian herbs.

     Pkhali "Quarter"  (mixed Assorted Vegan) 16

Four assorted traditional Georgian vegetable appetizers of eggplant, spinach, green beans and leeks mixed with herbs and seasoned with spices and nuts topped with pomegranate seeds.

               Cheese Platter 26 half portion 14

 Sulguni, imeruli and goat cheese accompanied by honey and walnuts 

                Kuchmachi w/walnuts 17

 Boiled chicken livers with ground walnuts, onions, fresh herbs, Georgian spices and pomegranate seeds

                 Satsivi W/chicken 17

Grilled chicken pieces in a Georgian spiced creamy walnut sauce served with homemade Georgian bread

                Satsivi W/Salmon

Grilled salmon in a Georgian spiced creamy walnut sauce served with homemade Georgian bread 


Salads & Cold Appetizers 


Georgian National Entrees 

                    Shkmeruli 19

Oven roasted baby chicken cooked in a traditional Georgian garlic sauce , served in a clay hot pot.

                  Chicken Chakhokhbili 18

Chicken stew, slow cooked with tomatoes,onions,fresh herbs and Georgian spices

                 Lobio (Vegan) 16

Kidney beans slow cooked with onions,fresh herbs,Georgian spices, garnished with fresh cilantro and served with homemade Georgian pan fried corn bread and pickled vegetables.

                Tabaka 19

Oven baked  whole baby chicken in hot clay pot, served w/ fried potatoes & tkemali.(Georgian traditional sauce)

                Chakapuli 20

Veal stew slow cooked in a white wine sauce , seasoned with tarragon, mint, scallions, parsley and cilantro served with Georgian bread.

                 Khashlama 20

Beef chunks slow cooked with traditional Georgian garlic sauce and parsley.served with Georgian bread.

                Chanakhi 24

Lamb stew slow cooked w/eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes garlic & cilantro, served in a hot clay pot with bread.

Chicken Mtsvadi 18. Pork Mtsvadi 19. Lamb mtsvadi 24

 Georgian style marinated and charcoal grilled shish-kebabs, served with green salad and Georgian sacebeli sauce on the side.

  Lula Kebab lamb and beef 19.   Lula kebab chicken 18

   Lightly seasoned ground meat, charcoal grilled on skewers, and rolled into a think lavash bread with onions and pomegranate,served with Georgian salad sacebeli sauce on the side.

       "Asetrina na Vertille 28

Sturgeon charcoal grilled on skewers, served with grilled vegetables and special masharapi (pomegranate) sauce 

              Elargi with Bazhe 18

 Georgian grits and sulguni cheese, served with Georgian spiced walnut sauce .



      Georgian style steak 28

Filet mignon, marinated and charcoal grilled, with a side dish of your choice, served with our Chef"s homemade blue cheese sauce.

        Chicken breast stake 24

Chicken breast, marinated and charcoal grilled with a side dish of your choice. served with our Chef"s homemade creamy mushroom sauce.

           Salmon Steak 29

Salmon Steak,marinated and charcoal grilled with a side dish  of your choice, served with Chef"s homemade creamy caviar sauce. 

 SIDE DISHES: Rice with vegetables-Grilled vegetables.

  Georgian Spicy fried Potatoes-French fries.


Steak Duo (serves 2 people)

 marinated and charcoal grilled Filet mignon, served with grilled garlic potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and homemade creamy mushroom and spinach sauces.


Kanchi(serves up to 5 people)

Roasted pork shank,charcoal grilled sausages,smoked sausages and oven baked pork ribs, served with assorted pickles and Georgian spicy fried potatoes. served with special Kanchi sauce.


Mtsvadiauri(Serves up to 5 people)

 Charcoal grilled, marinated shish-kebabs of pork,lamb, chicken and beef served with Georgian spicy fried potatoes, assorted pickled vegetables and traditional adjika and tkemali sauce.


"Aquarium" (serves up to 5 people)

  Charcoal Grilled and marinated Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon, served with wild rice, grilled vegetables, red caviar sauce and special masharapi (pomegranate) sauce